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Explainer: Sleep in Children

by Shelly Weiss
Girl in her bed and glowing globe

This brochure was developed by the Canadian Sleep Society and all rights are reserved.

Healthy sleep improves the memory and attention of children, so they are better able to learn. Well rested children are less irritable and impulsive, so they are better able to self-regulate and have improved mood. They are also canadian-sleep-societymore physically active, so they are in better overall health. 

Sleep is important for both physical and cognitive growth in children. Both the quality and quantity of your child’s sleep is important. 

Sleep problems are one of the most common concerns for parents. In fact, sleep problems have been estimated to affect 30% of children. 

For more information, see the Canadian Sleep Society brochure on Children’s Sleep.






All rights reserved by the Canadian Sleep Society for this brochure.

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